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(707) 536 -- 5881

On-Campus Leadership

A part of NJIT's Professional Engineering Fraternity, Theta Tau

Vice President of NJIT's Professional Fraternity Council


Max Cohen

Computing and Business Major

Max Cohen

Bachelors in

Computing and Business,

Newark, NJ

(707) 536 - 5881

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class Biography {


return "Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, I am currently a University Sophomore at NJ Institute of Technology. I am the Vice President of the Professional Fraternity Council, and an active member among campus organizations. With my bachelors in focus, I find myself highly motivated, striving to create app projects every semester. A strong-willed passion for developing my knowledge in coding drives me to learn separate development languages outside of the classroom."



class Education {


func NJIT() -> Bachelors_Degree {

return Computing & Business

// Graduating May, 2022

return Masters in Computing & Law

// To Be Determined...


func Programming() -> Language {

return Swift (iOS Development)

return Python

return Java

return C++


func Spoken() -> Language {

return English 

return French




class Projects&Purpose {

func GalacTap() {

var type iOS Game

var yearCreated = 2017

var yearPublished = 2020

var description = "Discover planets throughout the galaxy, colonizing each along the way. Automate your planets and infinitely grow your reach. Over 20 currencies and 150+ upgrade trees are at your fingertips."

var purpose = "Learned how to create animations, upgrade paths, menus, locally storable currencies, as well as menus and GUIs for user interaction."


func Math_Practice() {

var type iOS Application

var yearCreated = 2019

var description = "Educational app that provides infinite practice problems for subjects ranging from Algebra to Trigonometry. Simplistic design allows for rapid problem solving progression and enhanced learning outcome."

var purpose = "Learned how to code a math proof for problems in formats from binomials, to quadratics, to logarithms & exponential. Custom number keyboard integrated for number inputting ease."


func Tile_Flip() {

var type iOS Application

var yearCreated = 2018

var description = "one -- touch app that generates 72 flippable tiles that flip when scrolled over. Menu progression through finger gesture recognizers instead of standard buttons."

var purpose = "Learned how to create enum classes as well as gesture recognizers for a "moving", "stationary", or "lifted" finger touch."




class Leadership {

func Professional_Fraternity_Council() {

var position = Vice President

var year = 2020 -- Present

var location = New Jersey Institute of Technology

var description = "Leading discussions about inclusivity & organizing events with attendance between all professional fraternities on NJIT campus. Helped spark cooperation between professional organizations that furthered the sense of brotherhood on campus."


func Theta_Tau() {

var position = New Member Educator

var year = 2019 -- 2020

var location = New Jersey Institute of Technology

var description = "Developed the structure for our New Member Education process based on positive discipline student -- teacher interaction. Molded new members into professional, group -- focused, leaders that demonstrate the paradigm of brotherhood."

var website = <>


func United_Synagogue_Youth() {

var position = President

var year = 2016 -- 2018

var location = Northern California

var description = "Led a committee of board members through the organization of youth events in my region. Earning California USY's "Most Member Growth" and "Chapter of the Year" awards for 2016."

var website = <>



"Believe in the human more than the technology."

Steve Wozniak,

from my interview with him in preparation for my high school research website, "Apple Computers: Exploring Towards the Foundation of a Simpler Future"

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